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Former crewmembers, or families and friends thereof, are invited to use the submission form by clicking here to add or change the crewman's information to the listing. Photos or text documents (*.txt) will also be accepted if of a reasonable length. Although these can be attached to an email, it would be appreciated if you would use the File upload routine that follows.

NOTICE TO ALL USERS OF THIS CREW LISTING. This is a database that is maintained by myself and outside of the regular DOL website. You all access it via links on DOL. I fund it out of my own pocket, have for years, but, in the not too ditant future, I plan on ending it. I don't want to see this all get deleted but unless I can find someone else willing to takeover the responsibility for hosting this, it will happen. What is required is someone with a domain on a webhost that supports the Perl language and a MySql database. If you think you can help ( and, no, I am not looking for donations) please contact me at


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