50th Reunion
July 29th thru 31st, 2016

Friday Evening... We held an informal gathering so local and out of town class members know where everyone will be hanging out.
A cash bar was available in the hotel. About 6:30 P.M.

Saturday Night... We had a buffet dinner at the hotel with a cocktail hour starting at 6 P.M. There was music, dancing, memory tables with items from our
High School experience to stir memories. Music was provided by a DJ who knew our music time period.

Sunday Morning... Many of us met up for brunch at the hotel.

Keep up with us on the Facebook MHS 66' group and stay in touch!

Classmates that attended the Saturday Reunion and spouses
    Name     State     Details    
    Arlene Cascio Reith & Thomas Reith         Details
    Beverly Brolin     NY     Details
    Bill Ahlert     NV     Details
    Bill and Dixie Mayall     VA     Details
    Bob & Barbara Noble     CT     Details
    Bob Farley     IA     Details
    Carol Ann Hartzell         Details
    Carol Fleischer Giller and David Giller         Details
    Carol Stark Giannattasio         Details
    Cathy Chimenti Ford     NY     Details
    Chris Santry     FL     Details
    Christine Elfers Alexandersen     NY     Details
    Daniel Powsner     NY     Details
    David Seay     FL     Details
    Dennis Chichester     FL     Details
    Diane Dreyfuss Jensen     FL     Details
    Diane McGuire     NY     Details
    Don Ustler     NY     Details
    Donald Roberts         Details
    Donna Keating-Seay     FL     Details
    Donna Tega-Soper & Ron Soper     NY     Details
    Ellen Haight Gibson     NJ     Details
    Frank Miale     NY     Details
    Fred & Linda Florenzie         Details
    Geoff Jacobs     CA     Details
    Gioia Armenia Aldrich     NY     Details
    Howard Matis     CA     Details
    Jane Anson     NY     Details
    Janet Hogger-Cella     NY     Details
    Janet Jeffreys Zimmer     AZ     Details
    Janet Meigs Frese     NY     Details
    Janice Blair Del Vecchio     NY     Details
    Jean Gesecus-Feick & John Feick     PA     Details
    Jeannine Hanibal     NY     Details
    Jill Koeppicus Hansen     NY     Details
    Jim Russell     ID     Details
    Joan Silver Ayoub     NY     Details
    Joan [Coppola] Johnsen     NY     Details
    Joann Blatz Omelchuk & RIchard Omelchuk     NY     Details
    Joanne Edwards Siegner     CT     Details
    John Ames     VA     Details
    John Del Vecchio     NY     Details
    John P. Kehoe, Jr. & Elyse Kehoe     NJ     Details
    Jon & Jessie Roberts     VA     Details
    Josephine Antonucci-Conrad     NC     Details
    Judy Dayton Abrams     NY     Details
    judy lockman     NY     Details
    Karen Grenfell Aker and Skip Aker     NY     Details
    Karen Von Stein-Joyce     NY     Details
    Laura Gretschel     NY     Details
    Linda Motley     NY     Details
    Louise Santana         Details
    Lynda Johnsen King & Elizabeth King     FL     Details
    Lynne K. Eska Fiebe & George Fiebe     NY     Details
    Maria Tedone Lettiere     NY     Details
    Mark Pinzur     NJ     Details
    Mary Beth Bradley Rutter & George Bradley     NY     Details
    Maureen Daly-McMurphy & Michael McMurphy     MD     Details
    Michael & Katie Verre     IN     Details
    Micheal Breitner and Pablo Valencia     CA     Details
    Mike and Linda Burke     NY     Details
    Mike Bellotti     TN     Details
    Pat Dwyer Blackwell & Erin Kesler     MD     Details
    Peter & Leslie Gottert         Details
    Roy Jensen     WA     Details
    Stephanie Rice Latman & Jeffery Atlas     NY     Details
    Steve & June Mellinger     NJ     Details
    Steve and Marcia Jarrad     GA     Details
    Steve Edelman     NC     Details
    Steve Glassman     NJ     Details
    Steve Mellinger     NJ     Details
    Sue Cronin Zoller     MI     Details
    Ted Johnsen     NY     Details
    Tom Kaspar     NY     Details
    Tom McCarthy     NY     Details
    William & Louise Crofts     Fl     Details
Classmate count: 76

If you experience any problems with the class listing or this reunion listing, please contact me at docdata3d@mustangone.com