40th Reunion Photos
July 14 to 17, 2006

On Friday, July 14, there was an informal but fabulous gathering at Sidekick's Resturant!

Then, on Saturday, July 15, we had a dinner and festivities the Elk's Home Lodge in Massapequa.

Finally, Sunday, July 16, things were finished up with a picnic at Wantagh Park.

Here is a shot of Ted, Joan and Frank presenting a check for $1000 to the Hall of Fame Organization. Herb Pluschau is on the far left and next to him is Mike Hanna, President of the Organization (Click on the image to view a larger version)

More Photos Below...

[From Ted Johnsen]     [From Judy Dayton Abrams]    [From Bonnie Shaw-Vesey]     [From Linda Burke]     [From Geoff Jacobs]    

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Frank Miale & Mike Burke

John Ames & Karen Doyle

Bonnie Shaw & Joan Coppola

Nancy Langman & Husband, Joanne Edwards, Frank Miale & Laura Gretschel

MHS Tour Group (Less TJ)

Ted Johnsen & Bonnie Shaw

Laura Gretschel, Mike Billoti, Karen Spitzer & Joan Coppola

Josephine Antonucci & Linda Motley

John Dewar & wife

?, ?, ?, Jill Koeppicus, ?, Kathy Meinz

Maureen Daly, Carol Hartzell, Stasia Pappalardo, Judy Pablo, and Diane Dreyfus

John Ames' back, Joanne Edwards, Charlie Kozora, Jeff Yennie, Harvey Like, Jim Russell, Chris Santry, Mike Breitner, and Jeff Goodman's back

Diane Dreyfus, ?, Michael Verre, Don Roberts [blue shirt] & wife

Dave Seay, Mary Beth-Bradley & husband Roger, Elliot Lepler, Bonnie Shaw, Scott & Debbie Martin

?, Linda Motley, ?, ?

Mike Burke's wife, Howie Matis, Karen Spitzer, Dan & Ana Commella

Lou Santanello, Rich Patrina & Geoff Jacobs

Geoff Jacobs, Peter Gottert & Chris Santry

Fred Florenzie & wife, Johnís wife & John Kehoe, Janet Hogger

Jim King (Lyndaís husband), Lynda Johnsen,Janet Jeffries, Laura Gretschel, Frank Miale, Mike Bellotti

?, ?, ?, ?, Lynn Eska

Dan Powsner, John Dewar & wife, Robert Schenk

Frank Miale

Mike Bellotti, Jeff Goodman & Karen Spitzer

Joanne Edwards & Nancy Langman

Michael Angelo, Steve Glassman, Donna, Jane Anson, Mary Beth Bradley & husband

Group dancing

Group dancing

Reunion Cake

Fred Florenzie, Charley Kozora & Frank Miale

Mike Angelo, Lou Santanello, Jeff Goodman & Robert Schenk

Group shot

Jill Koeppicus & Joan Coppola

Joan Coppola & Stephanie Rice

Janet Jeffries, Chris Santry, Howie Matis, Sue Klugherz, Mike Bellotti, Joan Coppola & Karen Spitzer

Lynda Johnsen-King & husband James