South Dakota Trip
September, 2009

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Our rig at start of trip

KOA in Streetsboro, OH

"Pig Rock"

KOA in Union, IL

Had dinner here the 2nd night

Wind Farms, very cool!

Odd rock formations in Wisconsin

Crossing the Mississippi River in WI

The road runs on and on
straight as an arrow

KOA in Jackson, MN

A no-name restaraunt
we ate at... not great.

KOA in Interior, SD

Now, that's one big metropolis!

Interior's "Jail"

Visit to a Minute Man II
launch control facility

The underground launch control

Minute Man II silo

Minute Man II in its silo

Badlands National Park! We've arrived!

"White river" (loaded
with silt from disolving rocks)

Sunset in the Badlands

That's what we call dry!

Us in the Badlands

Sabre Tooth skull

Our first prairie dogs

Bison in the Badlands area

Driving the Badlands
lower loop road

Ellsworth AFB Air
and Space Museum

B-52 passes over the base

Minute Man II missle loadee

B-1 (AKA The 'Bone')



Wow! That's tall!


Minute Man II training silo

The view from our campground

Mount Rushmore

Gutzon Borglum, Sculptor

The Crazy Horse monument,
a work in progress

Flyin' T Chuckwagon
Supper and Show

The Alpine Inn.
$11 Filet dinner!

Bear County, USA



Mountain Goats

Bears... lots of bears!

More wolves, mixed
in with the bears




Grizzly playing in his pool

Feedin' time



Bear cubs

Devil's Tower in Wyoming

Debris all around the base

The trail around the base

The beinning of a drive
through the 'Needles'

And here's why they
are called the Needles.

Wild Buffalo in
Custer State Park

Prong tipped Antelope

Buffalo herd, preparing
for the upcoming roundup

Wind Cave National Park

The original entrance

The kid that found it
must have been small to fit

The modern day entrance

Always yield to pedestrians...
especially big ones!

The Mammoth Dig site
in Hot Springs