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Prom Court

Our Diploma

Our Commencent Pamphlet

Varsity Football

Varsity Soccer

Varsity Cross Country

Varsity Tennis

Varsity Basketball

Varsity Basketball

Varsity Wrestling

Varsity Track

Varsity Lacrosse

Varsity Rifle

Field Hockey, Gold

Field Hockey, Blue

Varsity Cheer Leaders



Jim Wettlaufer on the right in the back and
Dave Seay (the webmaster) WAY in the back...
just visible if you squint!













Submitted by Richard Brummer with the note: "Thought you might like to put these in the "Memories" section on the MHS 66 website, if you feel it's appropriate.
Both photos taken Sunday, 9/5/1993; Empire State Building photo taken from World Trade Center observation deck.

I guess I aggree with Rich... these are appropriate memories.

Submitted by Steve Glassman with the note: "Photo taken: 9/26/09
Event: Wedding of Bruce Berg’s daughter
Place: Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport LI
Right to Left: Mike Angelo, Steve Glassman, Arnie Panzer, Dave Rosler, John Orefice (MHS ’66), Bruce Berg (BHS ’66)

NY Times Photos of our win
over East Meadow, Fall of 65.
Submitted by Jim Russel

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