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John Kehoe is on the far left, Jeannine Hannibal's back is to the camera and she is speaking with Gioia Armenia. Fred Florenzie is the one with the glass, Judy Dayton covering her ears, Jane Anson and Herb Farrar.

Geoff Jacobs

Mary Beth Bradley

Gioia Armenia

Jim Russell & Maureen Daly are dancing, Stasia Pappalardo is in the middle (black dress), and Carol Hartzell is next to her (in the red dress) with Chris Santry behind her.

Dave Rosler

Mary Beth Bradley &
Mark Pinzer

Dan Powsner & Dave Rosler

Allison Todd &
Jean Berolzheimer 

Arnold Panzer &
Dave Rosler 

Carol Hartzell,  John Ames & Stasia Pappalardo 

Dave Rosler, Arnold Panzer,
Kathy    Schultz-Angelo [Berner'68], Jeanette Goley-Panzer [MHS'67]

Fred Florenzie &
Dan Commella

Harvey Like

Herb Farrar, Linda Bove, Judy Dayton, Janice Blair, Fred Florenzie, John Kehoe & wife & John Del Vecchio 

Janice Blair,  John Del Vecchio & Brian Kosinski 

Janice Blair, John Del Vecchio, Linda Bove& Herb Farrar 

Jeff Yennie, Judy Dayton, & Dennis Chichester 

Steve Glassman,  
Michael Angelo & Kathy Schultz-Angelo

Mark Pinzur, Carol Fleischer & husband 

Michael Brietner 

Ted Johson&
Joan Coppola 


John Del Vecchio, Fred Florenzie & Janice Blair

???, John Kehoe & Herb Farrar

Janet Hogger, Donna Tega Soper and her husband

Fred Florenzie, Tom Casper, Bill Mayall & ???

Liz Yennie,Tom Friedrich,Jeff Yennie,Judy Dayton,Dennis Chichester

Mark Pinzur, Geoff Jacobs, Brian Kosinski,Steve Mellinger & Dan Powsner

Joanne Edwards & Connie Berg-Aglione

Dan Commella & Laura Gretschel

Cary Fuller

Alexis White,Mark Pinzer, Brian Kozinski (in back),Ted Johnsen & Laura Gretschel<

Stasia Pappalardo

Tom Friedrich &Geoff Jacobs

Carol Hartzell & Mike Breitner