USS Putnam DD-757

USS Putnam DD-757

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Putnam entering Monaco harbor.
Entering the harbor at Monaco (1969)

Water over the bow!
Stormy seas (1968)

Med Lights
Med Lights (1969)

Motor whaleboat
Putnam's motor whaleboat (1969)

Decommissioning Plaque
Decommissioning Plaque (1973

PO2 Walker and PO3 Sanders
In the galley, baking bread, 1961

From L. R. (Sandy) Sanders

Burial At Sea
Burial At Sea (1973)

Throttle board.
Main Control

The VDS (Variable Depth Sonar).

Passwaters, another MM buddy (1969)

Liberty Card
Liberty Card (1964)

From Wayne Hubbel

On The Bow
Bow shot (1969)

DASH (splash!)
DASH (1968)

Mount 53
Mount 53 (1968)

Hank Snyder
Hank Snyder, a MM buddy! (1969)

Underway and rollin'
Underway and rollin' (1965)

From Wayne Hubbel

Dress Ship
Dress Ship (1965)

From Wayne Hubbel

Ship's Plaque
Ship's Plaque (1957)

From Mark Lawrence

Officer Tour Guide and
tourists by the VDS "fish"

From Pat Wagner

2 Putnam crewmates, 1963
John Shere and Pat Wagner (Naples, Italy),
December 23, 1963 in a postcard picture created
by an elderly gentleman with a pin hole camera.

From Pat Wagner

Seaman Gordon Dennis having his
tie fixed by one of the tourists.

From Pat Wagner

Putnam whaleboat/liberty launch rescuing a civilian sailor

Pat Wagner

Civilian safely on board

Pat Wagner

Seamen Wagner and McCusker preparing
for a detail on the Helicopter Deck.

Pat Wagner

A great underway shot

Richard E. Pettit

The aft stack, Squadron 66

William Scholl

The Putnam in 1952
Stan Cochran

Cmdr Reger and little princess

Thomas Shea

Desron 36 Patch

Thomas Shea

King Neptunes Royal Court

Thomas Shea

Putnam's Crew, 1953/54